Spiral Corrugated Pipe


General Introduction


Now a day, the plastic pipes is widely used to instead of normal galvanized steel pipe, steel pipe and concrete pipe in many application fields:


l  In building water drain

l  In building water supply

l  Outdoor water supply

l  Buried water drain

l  Gas transportation

l  Electric cable protective conduit

l  Industry application like anticorrosive

l  Agriculture application like irrigation


Among these applications, the buried plastic pipe for drain has a lot of vacancy to be developed. So we think that there will be a great potential market for large size plastic drain pipeline.


Depends on the experience of the developed countries in America and Europe, the application of the water drain and waste drain plastic pipe has the largest requirement quantity among all of the plastic pipes. But in China, the application of plastic drainpipe drops behind of other kinds of plastic pipe. One of the main reason for this slowly developing is that the government ignores environmental protection on the past 20 years. Therefore only a few fund is invested on the water drain system, the traditional low-cost concrete pipe is the primary construction material. However, in company with the fast economy development in recent years, government paid more and more attention to the environmental protection especially some provinces owned river or lakes. In some provinces, the local government already issued the policy to promote the usage of the large size plastic drainpipe.


Compared with the concrete pipe special the reinforced concrete pipe, the plastic pipe could not only match the property for buried water drainpipe but also has many advantages.


Strength and rigidity


Apparently plastic drainpipe looks weakly than concrete pipe, but plastic pipe is a kind of flexible pipe not a solid rigid pipe. Under the proper design and installation, the stress is acted on the plastic pipe and the earth around it together. Hence it is no need for plastic drainpipe to have the same strength and rigidity data as the concrete pipe but in fact the plastic pipe could provide the same pressure resistance ability as concrete pipe.


The sealing


It is difficult for the concrete pipe to keep sealing well. Normally, during the installation, after connect two pipes through the socket, the worker paste a ring of concrete to seal the connection. Because the connection between two pipes is completely not flexible, so it will be damaged and because leaking even the pipe has very small movement. But this kind of movement is unavoidable if considering the ground rising or falling.


Having a very smooth inner surface, the resistant of fluid is obviously less than concrete pipe. On other aspects like anticorrosive, life span and wear proof, plastic drainpipe also performance an outstanding advantage compared with steel pipe and concrete pipe. The unit price of plastic drainpipe is higher than concrete pipe, but it is proved by engineering practice that the total project investment is usually lower than traditional concrete pipe if calculating the installation fee and maintenance charge together. So generally, the plastic pipe is a better pipeline with good performance price ratio and plays more and more important role in water drain system.


It is pointed out, In 2005, the plastic pipe will occupy 50% share in the whole pipe market. Among the new building, rebuilding and expanding projects, 70% of the in-building drainpipe must use plastic pipe; 50% of rainwater drainpipe must use plastic pipe and 20% of civil drainpipe must use plastic pipe. In 2010, the relative data should raise to 80%, 70% and 30%.


The investment to city drain pipeline is increased rapidly during these years. The investment amount in 1998 is 9.53 times of that in 1990. The percentage of the after-treatment wastewater is increased from 4.24% in 1990 to 16.5% in 1998. From the data we can notice that the polluted water treatment is paid more and more attention.


Spiral corrugated is a kind of new generation high performance plastic spiral pipe for large diameter buried drain pipe. It has the characters of light in weight, low cost either in material or the installation, pressure against, high strength, anti-frozen and long service life (50 years). The pipe could widely used in fields of civil water drain, wastewater, communication and irrigation. To reduce the cost, the pipe could also be made by the recycled polyethylene material. These properties make it superior advantages compared with other kinds of drainpipe.





The pipe is made by anticorrosive material polyethylene, so it could not be corrosive by the acid, alkali or grease contained in the wastewater. Therefore no need the extra anti-corrosive processing during the installation and can serve for long time.


Impact against

Since the pipe is flexible, when impact come from outside occur, the pipe can resume the deforming. Even sometimes the groundwork has sunk; the pipe can remain integrated and will not crack.



Due to the property of the pipe grading polyethylene, the pipe could be stable working for 50 years under the temperature of 20 centigrade.



The pipe could still keep working without leaking under the circumstance of minus 60 centigrade buried underground.


Light in weight

The weight of the spiral-corrugated pipe is only 1/8 of the concrete pipe in same diameter, and the 2/3 of normal spiral pipe. So it is very convenient for transportation and installation.


Installation cost down

Because of the light and convenient connection method, so installation could save much more working time and cost.


Easy connection

The heat shrinkage connection is simple and prompt.


Excellent fluidity

The polyethylene plastic pipe offers a low friction coefficient, so it has very good liquid flowing property for medium transportation.


Pressure against

The pipe is reinforced by the corrugation structure results a good pressure against and can withdraw the cars, trucks driving over it.



The polyethylene material could be recycled and add into the new raw material to make the spiral corrugated pipe.


Low investment

The equipment for making the pipe is only 1/4 of the normal corrugated pipe making machine but the pipe has the same structure.


Physical Performance









Impact Strength




Tensile Strength




Extension Rate




Specific Heat




Heat Conductivity




Soften Point



Melting Point



Lowest Working


Over -60


Poisson Ratio



Water Absorb




Inner Voltage




Linear Expansion





Product Standards


The spiral corrugated pipe is qualified followed the standards of corrugated pipe ISO9969



The connection of the spiral-corrugated pipe is easy and no need for various kinds of fitting, thus decrease the investment of injection molding machine. There have three kinds of connecting method.


Heat Shrinkage Conduit

Clear the section of the pipe to be connected, insert the pipe into a heat-shrinkage-conduit from both ends, the pipe is butt contacted. Heating the conduit by flame blowgun for a few minutes, the conduit will be shrunk under the high temperature then connect and seal the two pipes.


Electric Fusion Band

Butt connect two pipes then bind joint with an electric fusion band, use the stainless steel coat to fix the band and the joint. Get the electric power from a portable battery, the polyethylene sheet will be fusion and connect the pipes. The electric fusion band is made of polyethylene sheet and electric resistant wires on it. The diameter of wire, power kilowatt and the thickness or length of the polyethylene sheet is specified in the installation manual direction according to material melting property.


Polyethylene Flange Connection

Welding the flange with the pipe body through plastic butt-welding, then connect two flanges with bolts. There are some resistance wires are buried on the flange surface, so next step is to get power to the resistance wire, the end of the flange will be melted and become into integrated.


Raw Material

The primary raw material to make the spiral corrugated pipe is polyethylene. The requirement of the material is specified by buried drainpipe European standards PREN13476-1 published in 1999. Although the buried drainpipe is working with few or none pressure, but refer to the required parameters specified by the standards, the demand is equal to PE63 class material. (PE63 pipe material tested under conditions of 80 centigrade, Ring Rigidity 3.2 Mpa, 1000 hours) In China it is easy to find many qualified local material suppliers. Due to the unique structure of spiral-corrugated pipe, the actual ring rigidity is higher than normal solid polyethylene pipe. And in working practice the material could contains part of recycled polyethylene or polypropylene, so the material cost of the pipe could be cutdown obviously.


Output capacity

The production line is designed for three shifts continuous running (24 hours). Deducting maintenance, repairing time, calculate with 280 working days annually, 24 hours per day, then the effective working time is 6700 hours. The output of the machine is average 320 kg per hour, the rate of finished products is 98%, the effective running time during the working hours 85%, and thus we get the result of 1800 tons product per year. If convert to diameter 600mm pipe, then you can get 65,000 meters pipe.


Circumstance evaluation


The production line will not create any wastewater, exhaust gas, dust and vibration. The noise inside the workshop is below 80 db and outside shop is below 60 db. So it is said that the factory will not create pollution to its circumstance.



Processing Flow chat

















Spiral Corrugated Pipe Production Line


The Line Is Composed of


Extruder for profiled tube 1

Extruder for adhesive band 1

Extrusion Die Head for Rectangle Tube 1

Extrusion Die Head for Adhesive Band 1

Sizing Calibration Disc 9

Vacuum Sizing Tank 1

Water Cooling Tank 1

Extruder Regulation Unit 1

Water Tank 1

Haul Off 1

Heating Unit 1

Enwinding Machine 1

Enwinding Templates 7

Cutting Machine 1

Tilting Machine 1

Hot Air Hopper 2

Vacuum Loader 2

Electric Control 1


Extruder for Profiled Tube

Screw Dia. 65mmL/D ratio 30:1

Screw type Barrier type screw

Screw Material 38CrMoAL, Nitriding layer thickness 0.6mm

Barrel type Barrel with groove feed bush

Main driven motor 45KW, DC motor

Gearbox Material 20CrMnTi, forced lubrication, water

Cooling, noise lower than 80db

Electric Heater Ceramic heater, copper air cooling fin, SST fans cover

Heating capacity 20KW

Motor Speeder Eurotherm DC speed regulator made in UK

Temperature controller Digital controller, made by Fuji of Japan

Switch/ Button Schneider of France

Rotation speed of screw Max. 120rpm

Output more than 180kg/hrHDPE


Extruder for Adhesive Band

Screw Dia. 65mmL/D ratio 30:1

Screw type Barrier type screw

Screw Material 38CrMoAL, Nitriding layer thickness 0.6mm

Barrel type Barrel with groove feed bush

Main driven motor 45KW, DC motor

Gearbox Material 20CrMnTi, forced lubrication, water

Cooling, noise lower than 80db

Electric Heater Ceramic heater, copper air cooling fin , SST fans cover

Heating capacity 20KW

Motor Speeder DC speed regulator, Euroland made in UK

Temperature controller Digital controller, made by Fuji of Japan

Switch/ Button Schneider of France

Rotation speed of screw Max. 120rpm

Output more than 180kg/hrHDPE


Extrusion Mould for Profiled Tube

Specification 9 sizes

Mould structure Universal

Mould material 40Cr, Chroming

Heating band HF ceramic heater


Calibrator Disk

Sizing type Gap calibrator

Material Tin bronze

Specification 7 sets (Class 8 and class 4 for each size total 8 sets)


Vacuum Sizing Tank

Type Vacuum water spraying/ Dip in water

Length 5800mm

Water pump 2.2 KW X 2

Water level control Automatically by float ball

Filter Twin loops filter

Spraying pipe 4 pipes

Vacuum pump 1.5KW X 2

Vacuum degree ≤0.06Mpa

Material Stainless Steel

Tank movement Moved by screw mandrel and nut, offset 500 mm

Water flow control One inlet with flow meter for calibration disc

Control panel Hung-up panel


Cooling Tank

Length 5800mm

Material Stainless steel1Cr18Ni9Ti



Type Double track, double chain haul off

Available pipe range 20 to 80 mm

Clamping block Planar rubber block

Traction force More than 800 kg

Haul-off speed Max. 15 m/min (50 MHz)

Driven motor 3KW

Effective traction length 1200 mm

Clamping By compressed air

Center height 1000 mm


Extruder adjusting platform

Free adjusting direction Front/back, right/left, up/down

Adjusting method Front/back, up/down by motor

Right/left by hand


Enwind Machine and Moulds

Type Rotary roller

Structure Know-how designing

Pressure wheel Know-how designing

Roller driven Chain wheel

Forming templates 5 sets

Maximum diameter 600 mm

Motor power 3 KW


Cutting Machine

Available pipe range 200 to 600 mm

Cutting blade Specialized saw plate

Blade feeding By hand via screw mandrel

Clamping Pneumatic clamping

Movement following Screw mandrel, offset 1000 mm

Following motor 0.75 KW

Cutting motor 2.2 KW

Center height 800 mm


Stacking Frame

Available pipe ranges 200 to 600 mm

Length 8000mm, two section,

Discharge Pneumatic with three cylinders

Length measuring Length meter

Center height 1000 mm


Electric Control

Frequency Convertor Fuji

DC motor speeder Eurotherm made in UK

PLC Mitsubishi

LCD panel Mitsubishi

Temperature controller Fuji

Button/Switch Schneider

Contactor Schneider

Air Break ABB

Intermediate relay

Current meter



Main Technical Parameter

Size of Pipe φ250φ600

Output 110,000 meters per year for 600 mm pipe

Installation Power Supply 200KW

Actual Power Consumption 90KW

Water Consumption 8m3/h, water recycling

Fresh Water Compensation 2m3/h

Compressed Air Consumption 0.5m3/min