Technical introduction of aluminum plastic composite panel manufacturing line


Since 1990s, aluminum composite panel has been widely used because of its soundproof, fireproof waterproof and its decorative function.

After ten years’ development, it has become one of the most widely used architecture embellishment.

Besides, for its various colors and luxury, it has also been used for advertisements and sign marks both in and out door; for official and family furniture; for inside and outside embellishment for home—it’s an obvious trend that it will take the place of veneer; for embellishment in subway and tub; and also for embellishment in boats and cars.

in that case, the sale amount for aluminum composite panel has been rising year by year in the past decade.


The aluminum composite panel has a brilliant future in the market.


Brief Introduction of the equipment:


This equipment (the continuous combination line) has two styles:


1-one is 1500/1880-I, which is extruding machine on line;

2-the other is 1500/1800-II, which is PE extruding machine not on line, but PE combination after rolling.


Technical introduction for the equipment


1.Extruding Machine:

A. Material Blender (500KG/H)                                             1  set

B. Vacuum Material Setting Machine (500KG/H)                      1  set

C. Extruding Machine (170—35:1)                                        1  set

D. Net change Machine                                                      1  set

E. Temperature Control System                                           1  set

F. Air Driving System                                                         1  set

G. Water Supplying System                                                1  set

H. Electric Control System                                                  1  set

Total power: 130 KW

2.Molds :

A.  Mold                                                                          1  set

b. The special runner and constant temperature controller ensure the stability of the running speed of the material thus supplies enough material for the next plate.

Total power: 40KW


3.Polishing Machine

A. Three-roller Polisher                                                      1  set

B.  Constant temperature Controller                                     1  set

C. Electric Control System                                                  1  set

D. Gap adjusting System                                                    1  set

E. Air Driving System                                                         1  set

F. Water Supplying System                                                1  set

G. Running Shelf

H. Settled-length Trimming System                                      1  set

Total power: 35KW


4.Gathering and Rolling Part

a. Constant tension gathering and rolling Machine         1  set

b. Electric System                                                   1  set

c. Air driving System                                                1  set

Total power: 3KW


5.Delivering and unrolling Part

      a. Constant tension delivering and unrolling machine          1  set

      b. Receiving Platform                                                   1  set

      c. Motor PE Sending Machine                                        1  set

      d. PE Prewarming-up Oven (constant temperature)           1  set

      e. Electric System                                                      1  set

      f. Air Driving System                                                    1  set

Total Power: 83 KW


6.Macromolecule Film Fist-combination Part

A.                First-combination Machine                               1  set

B.                 Macromolecule Film Setting Machine                  two sets

C.                Tension Control System                                  two sets

D.                Adjustable Expanding Wheel                             two sets

E.                 Air Driving System                                          1  set

Total power: 0.3 KW


7.Combination Machining Part:

A. Combination Machining Part                                   two sets

B. Hot oil System                                                    1  set

C. Direct Current Speed Control System                      1  set

D. Electric Control System                                        1  set

F. Air Driving System                                               1  set

G. Water Supplying System                                       1  set

Total power: 102 KW


8.Unrolling Part:

A. Movable Unrolling Machine                                     two sets

B. Electric Roll Moving Machine                                  1  set

C. Extension Unrolling Control Machine                        two sets

D. Pre-warming Wheel                                              two sets

E. Roll-setting Platform and Shelf                               1  set

F. Conveyer and Platform                                         1  set

G. Electric System                                                   1  set

H. Air Driving System                                               1  set

Total power: 3 KW


9.Cooling Part

A. Adjustable Air Cooling Oven                                   1  set

B. Electric System                                                   1  set

C. Water Supplying System                                       1  set

Total power: 5KW


10.Film-covering Part

A. Film-covering and Trimming Machine                       1  set

B. Air Driving System                                               1  set


11.Driving Part

A. Driving Machine                                                   1  set

B. Direct current Speed Control System                       1  set

C. Air Driving System                                               1  set

D. Electric System                                                   1  set

Total power: 3KW


12.Plate Emending Part

A.                Three-roller Emending Machine                         1  set

B.                 Block and Tackle                                            1  set


13.Automatic Measuring and Cutting Part


A.  Automatic Measuring and Cutting Machine          1  set

B.  Roller Conveyer and Platform                            1  set

C.  Measuring and Tracing System                          1  set

D.  Electric System                                              1  set

F.  Air Driving System                                          1  set

Total power: 5.5 KW


Main Technical Parameter For the Equipment


1.                Raw Material:

A: PE Core Material: Width: 1250~1605mm

         Thickness: 1.7~5mm

B: Aluminum Material (Colorful-paint Aluminum Roll):


         Thickness: 0.12~0.5mm

         Maximum outer diameter: 1300mm

C. Macromolecule Film: Width: 1250~1600mm

Thickness: 0.03~0.05mm

Weight: 60~80Kg/Roll

D. Protecting Film: Width: 1250~1600mm

          Thickness: 0.06~0.08mm

2.                 Finished Product: Width: 1220~1575mm

                  Thickness: 2~6mm

                  Length: According to the customer’s requirement

3.                 Speed Rate of Manufacturing: 1~5m/min

4.                 Maximum Manufacturing Capacity (measured as 300days/year and 20 hours/day)

A.                1500/1880-I: Width: 1220mm; 1,100,000 Square Meters

Width: 1575mm; 1,100,000 Square Meters

B.                 1500/1800-II: Width:1220mm; 2,200,000 Square Meters

Width: 1575mm; 2,835,000 Square Meters

5.                 Total Power of the Line:411.5 KW

6.                 Total Air Consume: Pressure: 5~7Kgf/cm²

Consume: 0.5~1m³/min

7.                 Total Water Consume: Pressure: 1~2kg/cm²

Consume: 50 ton/day

8.                Size of the Line:

A.                1500/1880-I : length*width*height: 50m*7m*5m

B.                 1500/1800-II: PE Core Material: 15m*7m*5m

Combination Part: 40m*7m*5m

9.                 Total Weight of the Equipments: 90 tons